14 September 2015
' Nominations Open '
30 November 2015
' Nominations Closed '
6 January 2016
' Shortlist Announced '
6 January 2016
' Voting Opens '
29 January 2016
' Voting Closes '
16 March 2016
' Award Ceremony '



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Identified as a key priority of the Italian Presidency, this award commends the work of an MEP who has made waves in agriculture or fisheries policy, championing the interests of farmers and consumers.

Animal welfare

With citizens expressing concerns over issues as varied as the import of seal products, to the amount of time transported livestock spends in transit, animal welfare is clearly a key issue. This award recognises an MEP who has made a significant contribution to animal and conservation related issues.

Corporate Governance

Enhancing business transparency, particularly in key areas such as social or environmental matters, is crucial to rebuilding trust in the economy and in supporting the fundamental values of the European Union. This award commends an MEP who has achieved notable progress in ensuring the highest possible standards of corporate practice are adhered to.


Acknowledging 2015 as the European year for development and the presence of the EU as a global actor in foreign affairs, this new award recognises an MEP who has had a prominent voice in or contributed to the EU's international development efforts.

Digital agenda

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Connecting Europe digitally continues to be a priority for growth across every sector. This award recognises contribution in promoting and delivering legislation to support this such as improving telecoms, eHealth and commerce, internet policy, or the digital single market.

Economic & monetary affairs

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Promoting growth and stabilising Europe's economies following the eurozone and economic crisis ensures Economic and Monetary Affairs will remain a crucial policy area. This award goes to an MEP who has made great strides towards helping lift the EU out of crisis and increasing economic stability.

Employment & social affairs

Acknowledging an individual who has worked to promote employment and social affairs reform as a vital contributor in growing the European economy, this award could include a significant contribution on workers’ rights, equal pay, engagement with trade unions or employment more generally.


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Never out of the headlines, energy policy continues to be a major issue for European Policy makers.  This award recognises the work of MEPs on the transition to a low carbon economy, energy efficiency and improving infrastructure or security of supply.


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The fight against climate change is set to form a central part of the European parliament's work in the coming legislature. This award celebrates an MEP whose work on environmental policy and environmental protection measures is particularly deserving of recognition

Foreign affairs

The growing geopolitical aspect of many EU policies is reflected in the increasing influence of the European parliament in foreign and security policy issues.  MEPs are frequently at the heart of the political debate on international matters such as Russia, terrorism, neighbourhood policy and defence.  This award will be won by the MEP who has made an outstanding impact within the dimension of the EU's third country political relations.


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The European Parliament continues to drive action in health policy which has become a major issue especially in areas that affect citizens, such as tobacco products or tackling chronic disease. The individual receiving this award will be recognised for their tireless work in improving European health outcomes

ICT policy

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Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are critical to improving the competitiveness of EU industry and meeting the changing demands of its society and economy. This award recognises an MEP's tireless work in modernising public services and advancing science and technology.

Justice & civil liberties

An award to highlight the work of an MEP who has made considerable effort in the areas such as gender equality, human rights, civil liberties, including fundamental policy issues such as data protection and privacy.

Regional policy

This award recognises the contribution of an MEP’s work in bringing decision making closer to the citizens, leading colleagues and stakeholders in pushing for greater devolution of decision making to the local or regional level or being involved in the implementation of the EU's cohesion policy.

Sport and physical activity

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With participation in sports and physical activity declining or failing to improve in many member states, the negative effects on citizens' health and wellbeing, as well as the societal and economic factors, are being felt across the EU. This award recognises an MEP who has gone the extra mile in promoting sport and fitness through their work in parliament and through grassroots activity in their home countries. 

Trade & internal market

This award honours an MEP who has made an outstanding contribution in championing small and medium sized enterprises, greater market integration or promoting international trade and investment opportunities.


A key sector in the EU’s future development and growth, transport in all its forms is a key contributor to regional development and interconnectivity.  This award identifies an individual MEP who has worked tirelessly to develop transport policy in any form, affecting the road, rail, freight, maritime or air sectors.

Outstanding achievement

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This award will be announced on the night of the ceremony 


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Providing an estimated 10 per cent of Europe’s GDP, tourism is one of the most recognisable economic sectors across the EU’s 28 member states.  As always the European Parliament has played its part in ensuring tourism lies at the heart of Europe’s jobs and growth strategy. This award aims to recognise THE hard work of those MEPs that help to highlight the economic and cultural benefits of Tourism across the EU.