8 November 2017
' Judging panel announced '
22 November 2017
' MEP Host announced '
30 November 2017
' Nominations Closed '
31 January 2018
' Shortlist Announced '
5 February 2018
' Judges Deliberation Day '
21 March 2018
' Award Ceremony '


Brian Johnson

Managing Editor, The Parliament Magazine.

Brian Johnson has been covering the highs and lows of the Brussels political scene for more than a decade. He began his media career as an editorial assistant in Scotland on the acclaimed Holyrood and Parliament Magazine titles.

He set up the Dods Brussels office in 2002, relaunched the Parliament Magazine as the publication “for MEPs, by MEPs” and successfully established and oversaw the growth of Dods’ EU events business, including the widely regarded Parliament Magazine annual MEP awards.

Currently the managing editor of the Parliament Magazine, Brian recently realigned Dods EU events and publications towards a ‘digital first’ strategy.

A word from the Editor:

The Parliament Magazine’s MEP Awards ceremony is often a time to reflect on the year’s past events as well as acknowledging MEPs for their endeavours.  And this time around, the broader, more global political issues of the day are likely to be reflected at both the awards ceremony and in the choice of award categories.

The Parliament Magazine’s MEP Awards have grown in stature primarily as a reflection of the work of committed Parliamentarians. That driving commitment, to a certain theme or policy issue, is often cited as a reason for nominating a particular deputy and is one of the most enjoyable aspects of organising the MEP Awards. For, when it comes down to it, the awards are about people; dedicated, hard-working and occasionally overlooked people.

This year, more than ever, our simple philosophy of bringing policymakers and stakeholders together in acknowledgement of the achievements of some of our hardest working European deputies will again hold true.

I look forward to seeing you all again in March.


Colin Mackay

Managing Director, Brussels Writing Bureau.

Colin Mackay is the Managing Director of the Brussels Writing Bureau, an independent editorial consultancy for Brussels-based companies and trade associations. He has lived and worked in Brussels since 2003. Before founding the Bureau in 2012, Colin was Director of Communications for EFPIA, the pharmaceutical industry association and for Cosmetics Europe, the Personal Care association. He also held senior roles in two international PR consultancies. He is a native of Scotland and is a graduate of the University of Stirling.

A message from Colin Mackay:

“The European Parliament, with its directly elected deputies, is the most accessible of the EU institutions. Yet much of the hard work that our MEPs undertake is done out of sight of the constituency, in Brussels and Strasbourg. Although the electorate may not see the work, it must not be undervalued. The MEP Awards provide the opportunity redress this and provide deserved recognition of their efforts.”


Joanna Maycock

Secretary-General, European Women’s Lobby.

Joanna Maycock has been Secretary General of the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) since May 2014. Founded in 1990, the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) is the largest alliance of women’s non-governmental associations in the European Union, with members throughout the EU who come together around our common vision of a Feminist EuropeEWL is a credible source of expertise and experience on women’s rights and equality between women and men, representing the diversity of the women’s movement across the European Union. EWL represents an inclusive, confident, loud, independent feminist voice and brings real women’s voices into the EU political arena. Since joining the EWL in 2014, Joanna has been leading work with the membership to define a dynamic new strategic vision for the women’s movement in Europe, to strengthen its joint vision and work towards a feminist Europe.

A message from Joanna Maycock:

“To celebrate the achievements of elected representatives who are working hard to advance human rights, gender equality, social justice and sustainability”.


Madi Sharma

Entrepreneur, Member European Economic and Social Committee.

Madi is an Entrepreneur who founded and runs the Madi Group, a group of private profit making companies, social enterprises and not for profit organisations with a philosophy to maximise Make A Difference Ideas. Madi is a “Social Capitalist”, international speaker, freelance journalist and author of Madi No Excuses! Additionally Madi is a UK Member of the Employers Group of the European Economic and Social Committee.

A message from Madi Sharma:

“Democracy is the founding principle of the European Union. When we appoint individuals to uphold that democracy, and indeed all our European values, it is important to review the impact of their actions. Being appointed as an MEP or any EU institution member is a privilege which carries with it a responsibility. I believe the Parliament Magazine’s MEP Awards promotes the great work of our MEPs and their dedicated commitment to carry out their responsibilities, often over and above their mandate. Europe needs to celebrate more success!”  


Ursula Pachl

Deputy Director General.

Ms. Pachl has worked at BEUC, the European Consumer Organisation, since October 1997, first as Legal Advisor, then as Senior Policy Advisor and presently as Deputy Director General.

Ms. Pachl leads BEUC’s work on the Digital Single Market and on consumer rights and enforcement. She is also responsible for horizontal and strategic policy issues, represents BEUC in the European Commission’s REFIT platform and co-ordinates BEUC’s law enforcement project ‘COJEF’.    

Prior to working for BEUC, Ms. Pachl worked at the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health and Consumer Protection in Vienna and at the Austrian Consumer Information Association as a member of the Consumer Advisory Board.

Ms. Pachl is the author of several articles in consumer policy and law journals and regularly comments on consumer issues in the media.

BEUC represents 42 independent national consumer associations from 31 European countries. The primary task of BEUC is to act as a strong consumer voice in Brussels and to try to ensure that consumer interests are given their proper weight in the development of all Community policies.

A message from Ursula Pachl:

“The European Parliament is the EU institution which represents people in the EU law making process.  The award is a great opportunity to highlight what the EU can do for consumers and what MEPs can achieve to improve our daily lives”.


Michiel van Hulten

Independent analyst and consultant.

Michiel van Hulten is a Brussels-based analyst and independent consultant with over 20 years’ experience of EU politics, policy and communications. He is also a Visiting Senior Fellow at the European Institute of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). From 2005 to 2007 Michiel was Chair of the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA). Before that he was Vice-Chair of Policy Network, the international progressive think tank. From 1999 to 2004 he served as a Member of the European Parliament. Michiel holds postgraduate degrees from the LSE and the College of Europe in Bruges.

A message from Michiel van Hulten:

“Over the last twenty years the European Parliament has become central to EU decision-making. MEPs play a key role in shaping the policies that determine Europe’s future. Despite the criticism (some of it justified) leveled at the EU and its institutions by an increasingly eurosceptic public, many MEPs excel at what they do.

The MEP Awards provide a unique opportunity to acknowledge, highlight and reward this excellence”.