8 November 2017
' Judging panel announced '
22 November 2017
' MEP Host announced '
10 December 2017
' Nominations Closed '
31 January 2018
' Shortlist Announced '
5 February 2018
' Judges Deliberation Day '
21 March 2018
' Award Ceremony '


The Energy Award

Cefic is the voice of the chemical industry in Europe
Cefic, the European chemical industry Council, is a committed partner to EU policymakers, facilitating dialogue with industry and sharing our broad-based expertise. We represent large, medium and small chemical companies across Europe, which directly provide 1.1 million jobs and account for 15% of world chemical production. Based in Brussels since our founding in 1972, we interact on behalf of our members with international and EU institutions, non-governmental organisations, the international media, and other stakeholders. Cefic is an International Non Profit Association (AISBL-IVZW) under Belgian law.

Cefic is also an active member of the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) which represents chemical manufacturers and producers all over the world and seeks to strengthen existing cooperation with global organisations such as UNEP and the OECD to improve chemicals management worldwide.

Please also download our brochure “An introduction to the European chemical industry” here.

To learn more, visit us www.cefic.orgor connect with us, mail@cefic.be, Twitter.

Cefic 2016 Achievements & 2017 Challenges video: